Breakouts Myths

There are many misconceptions, about breakouts in women and Breakouts solutions, and it’s important to separate fact from fiction.
Here, we get to the bottom of a few of the most common breakouts myths.

Myth #1: Breakouts is related to hygiene.

breakouts is not caused by dirty skin. Although the bacterium P. breakouts can exacerbate breakouts, normal cleansers will not reduce this bacteria, and over-cleansing or scrubbing may actually make breakouts worse, with the skin overreacting and producing more sebum to clog the pores. Clean skin is important, but, without the action of hormones, breakouts does not happen.

Myth #3: Breakouts affects teenagers only.

Breakouts affects men and women of all ages – even newborns. Although, for some, breakouts can become less frequent with age, for many, particularly women, the breakouts is a persistent skin problem that requires proper prevention and breakouts solutions.


Myth #2: Breakouts is related to diet.

Extensive studies have proven that diet and intake of fatty foods, like chocolate, or French fries, or fast food, do not cause breakouts. Although breakouts is directly related to excessive oil production in skin from hormones, it is not from the oils of fatty foods.


Myth #4: Popping Breakouts makes it go away faster.

Not only does popping your breakouts not make it go away faster, it can make things much worse. It can lead to inflammation (redness and irritation), and, in some cases, a more widespread infection. NEVER POP YOUR PIMPLES!!!


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